The Huddle

There is so much information available on the web, some good and some not-so-good.  It's sometimes difficult to distinguish the good from the bad.  That's why I created The Huddle. I want to make sure that you are getting information backed-up by research and my professional experience.  

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  • WeeklyĀ recap of things I've learned or shared so that you don't miss out
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  • Access to my Return to Sport Checklists for the spine, lower and upper body
  • Exclusive contentĀ 

My mission is to transform rehabilitation and performance through education and inspiration. I believe in optimizing human performance through a systematic approach.  In order to tap into the true potential of others, I use an approach founded on systematically determining the problem, intervening appropriately, and using tests to measure progress.

I believe in empowering and equipping rehabilitation and performance professionals with the tools necessary to optimize the health and wellness of their clients so that together we create more resilient athletes.

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