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Research: Are We Missing Risk Factors in Rehabilitation and Perform...

Apr 10, 2021

Does testing balance matter in baseball?

Mar 18, 2021

PT Board Specialty Exam Prep Guide – Sports (SCS) – Orthopaedic (OCS)

Mar 14, 2021

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Group Injury Prevention

Join Phil Plisky in Group Injury Prevention as he covers the latest research in injury risk factors and group prevention programs. This course dives into the concept of systematic injury prevention and the practical application of injury prevention programs and systems.

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Pre-Participation Evaluation: Medical and Musculoskeletal

 This course goes beyond simple clearance for safety and a routine system check and identifies ways to better manage the health of your athletes and prevent injury.

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Return to Sport and Discharge Testing

You can dramatically impact your patient’s health and reduce re-injury rates by making evidence-based, return to sport and discharge decisions. Dr. Plisky presents such measures including the Upper and Lower Quarter Y-Balance Tests, Functional Movement Screen, and Hop Testing.

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I help rehabilitation and performance professionals maximize their client’s physical potential by teaching them how to live a fully engaged life, systematic thinking, testing and interventions so that they and their clients can remain healthy, fit, and well.

More About Me

Dan Marr

Director of NHL Central Scouting

"Dr. Plisky’s expertise and proficiency with the Y Balance Test has become an integral part of the NHL Combine screening procedures. The level of professional in administering a large group screening is unparalleled and provides vital insights on athletes. His presence in overseeing the testing instills confidence in the process and results with both athletes and Strength Coaches alike."


Jon Torine
Former NFL Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, World Champion Indianapolis Colts

"In life there are people that you know you can go to that can solve problems, offer wisdom, expertise, and make the complicated simple.  Through my 25 years of coaching, 17 in the NFL, consulting and implementing systems across youth, college and pro sports I’ve been fortunate to have a few of those people. I am honored to say that Phil Plisky is one of those guys. Phil has an easy to understand brilliance and way of working with people that both puts them at ease and challenges you to look at multiple perspectives. When it comes to testing, assessments, return to play, injury reduction, and improving athletes health and efficiency there are few I trust as much as Phil. "


Todd Arnold MD

Sports Performance Scientist USA Olympic Track & Field

"After 20 years working with clinicians all around the world, I find Phil to be among the top 1% in working with individual athletes and teams on injury prevention and performance enhancement."


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