What is the best Medbridge promo code?

For the best deal or cheapest price on Medbridge CEUs (Over 45% off or $175 discount) use the promo code PLISKY. For PTs, if you use promotional code PLISKY you get your MedBridge CEUs for $200 (a $175 discount). This is 47% off the normal price. For students, receive 76% off using promo code PLISKYstudent at checkout — $275 Off

Coupon Code Good through 12/31/2021 ($175 off) — Updated 10/6/2021

MedBridge is by far the best online comprehensive continuing education solution I have used.

MedBridge Promo Code: PLISKY

MedBridge Education Sign In Page


Why I use Medbridge online continuing education

They maximize the latest research in adult online learning to bring engaging courses that are separated into modules. After each module there are case-based questions to help promote comprehension of the material.


One of our favorite features is the CE tracking tool. This comes in particularly handy when you have to submit documentation for your certifications. I have to submit PT license CEUs, NATA certification CEUs, and CSCS certification CEUs. To be able to have all of those tracked in one place is amazing. Plus, it helps a ton if you were ever audited.

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We use it for cramming. We have 4 boys who are involved with school and sports. So I would like to say that I get all of my CEUs in a steady stream over a two year period. Unfortunately, our CEUs come at the last minute.

Let’s be clear. I do get paid when you take my courses or when you use and affiliate link, but I would never recommend anything that I or my family don’t use. Last year, MedBridge made up 80% of my CUEs for NATABOC (particularly the NATABOC EBP courses) and 100% of my wife’s. That should speak for itself.


What disciplines does Medbridge have?

While I can only speak for physical therapy, athletic training  (ATC), and strength and conditioning professionals(CSCS), MedBridge also has nursing (RN, DNP, LPN, etc.), speech therapy(SLP), and occupational therapy (OT) CEU courses.

Do I have to be a physical therapist to use the PLISKY promo code?

The great thing is that you can use the PLISKY promo code no matter what profession you are.

Here are the links for the best deals for all professions on Medbridge:

Physical Therapy — Receive $175 off (over 45% savings) off using promo code PLISKY at checkout

Occupational Therapy — Receive $175 off using promo code PLISKY at checkout

Athletic Training — Receive 40% off using promo code PLISKY at checkout. NATABOC EBP CEUS

Speech Language Pathologist — Unlimited Access to Hundreds of SLP CEUs — Only $95/year (60% savings)

Students — Receive $275 off using promo code PLISKYstudent at checkout —76% Off

Steps to getting the best price on MedBridge using a promo code

  1. Click on the MedBridge Login Page
  2. Click Save Now Button
  3. Choose Plan (education or premium). Choose education if you only want CEUs, premium if you want the home exercise program builder as well
  4. Under Oder Summary, enter PLISKY in the Promo Code box
  5. Create your MedBridge login and save!

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