Consulting - Collegiate & Pro Sports

Are you looking to improve your teams performance and reduce injuries? I will bring proven systematic methods that have been used in all major professional sports and military to transform athletes and organizations.

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Robert Butler, PT, PhD Director of Performance, St. Louis Cardinals

Phil has been an integral part of our staff curriculum targeted on optimizing player health and physical development strategies.

Due to his firsthand experience in this area, Phil is able to talk about the limitations and opportunities that organizations can have to better serve their clients in a collaborative and holistic manner.

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Performance Training

Looking to be faster, more powerful, and skilled with your sport. Work with me to get the same testing and techniques that I use with professional athletes in all major professional sports. Click here to schedule a performance training session.

Dr. Ben Garland, Baseball Coach

We take our kids to hitting and pitching lessons, hoping to give them the best chance to be successful. What I find most players are missing is the ability to perform the basic movements necessary to hit or throw the baseball. This is where Dr. Plisky excels. By strategically targeting weaknesses and developing the player, he can take any player to the next level and give them the best chance to succeed.


Having pain or an injury? Get back to your high level of activity through physical therapy with me. I only work with people who are highly motivated and dedicated to reach their goals. Also, I do not participate with any insurance providers and accept payment on the day of service.

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Christian Career Coaching

You look at your job as a calling, but you are not sure what that exactly looks like. Maybe you know what your career calling is, but not how to get there. I can work with you from a professional and faith worldview. I believe we are called to an abundant life and that includes our career.