My mission is to elevate rehabilitation by continuing to promote the importance of systemic, rigorous discharge testing standards. Join me in doing so by using the appropriate discharge testing checklist. 


     Return to Sport Checklists

Return to Sport Checklist

Many rehabilitation providers think of return to sports criteria for the lower extremity. What about a return to sport checklist for the spine for athletes with low back pain? Here is what I have put together. 

Return To Sport Checklist
Lower Body

Evidenced-based tests exist to identify the risk factors and improve your confidence when making return to sport and discharge decisions. There is no guesswork, there is a data-driven decision. These should be used for ALL hip, knee, & ankle/foot injuries!


Return to Sport Checklist - Upper Body

Return to Sport Checklist
Upper Body

While return to sport checklists for the lower body are underutilized, I don't see them hardly used at all for the upper body. Here's the checklist I use particularly for the shoulder & elbow. 



ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Guidelines

Don't miss a step, impairment or return to sport criteria in your ACL reconstruction rehabilitation.

       Other Resources

Group Testing Calculator

This calculator will help you estimate how many people you can test in a given time period. You can adjust the test selection, the number of testers, and your testing time frame.

Return to Running Resource

Finally, a systematic way to return to running. No more "Just gradually increase your distance by 10%."

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