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Comprehensive Guide to Online CEU for PT ATC (Including the Best Medbridge Promo Code)

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The goal of this page is to provide a comprehensive guide for the best online CEU for physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, students and all other health care professionals including the best deal and promo codes for MedBridge. I will update this page with new courses and requirements on a regular basis.

No matter how hard I try, I end up scrambling to get CEUs for all my difference certifications and licenses. The list seems to be never ending PT, ATC, CSCS. But even worse, each of the licenses has different CEU category requirements.

What is the Best MedBridge Promo Code?

Promo code PLISKY will get you the best deal on MedBridge continuing education.

Physical Therapy – Receive $175 off (over 45% savings) off using promo code PLISKY

Athletic Training – Use discount code PLISKY for 45% off NATABOC CEUs including EBP CEU category

Speech Language Pathologist (SLP — Hundreds of SLP CEUs — Only $95/year (60% savings)

Occupational Therapy – Get $175 off using coupon code PLISKY

Students – There is no better deal than what students get $275 off using promo code PLISKYstudent  at checkout. That is over 86% off!

What are the Best PT and NATABOC CEU Courses?

Here are some of my favorite courses:

Of course, I think some of the courses I did were pretty good:

For NATABOC CEU EBP (clinical) and EBP (foundation)

Susan Yeargin’s courses on heat illness are essential for anyone (ATC or PT) for the best evidence on managing heat illness:

Body Temperature Assessment for Exertional Heat Stroke

Lenny Macrina’s courses on the shoulder are outstanding and evidence-based.

Advanced Rehab for the Baseball Pitcher to Improve ROM & Strength

Biomechanics of the Shoulder

The Shoulder: Traumatic and Post Operative Injuries

Shoulder Instability: Anterior, Posterior, and Multidirectional

Shoulder Fractures, Little League Shoulder, and Sprengel Deformity

The Shoulder: Overuse Injuries in Athletes

The neuroscience of pain is essential for any rehabilitation provider and the following courses are the best in my opinion:

Teaching People About Pain


What is Medbridge NATABOC CEU provider number?

Medbridge’s provider number to enter for your NATABOC CEU is P8441


PLISKY — Best MedBridge Promo Code

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