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Free Athletic Training and Physical Therapy CEUs

Free CEUs - List of Free Athletic Training NATA Physical Therapy CEUs

athletic training ceu physical therapy

Updated 2/13/24

While I have not personally completed all of these courses, they are free. In order to help others trying to use this page, please let me know if there are additional ones I don't have listed or if a link is broken. Click HERE to contact me.

What are free CEUs for athletic trainers? What are free CEUs for physical therapists? 


What is Pathfinder?  Pathfinder is a technology platform with a personalized dashboard through which ATs will have the opportunity to share their professional goals and interests, quiz themselves with evidence-based challenge questions and customize a professional development path by building a personal timeline. The intuitive system will recommend and allow you to save personalized references and continuing education programs from BOC Approved Providers.” You can find more information here (link) How to Enroll To sign-up, go to your BOC profile and click Access Pathfinder Pilot on the left menu. Then click Information & Enrollment to see and complete agreement for enrollment. You can find more information here.


ACL Study Day 

This course is accredited for 6.0 CEUs for Athletic Trainers (BOC #P10154). This course is outstanding and completely free. You are able to leave a donation for the authors, which I highly recommend


Patient Perspectives in ACL Injury and Rehab - Another course from ACL Study Day

"This course takes a fresh approach to ACL injury in rehab by focusing on the psychological, social and cultural aspects to recovery. In addition, we've enlisted patient partners to lend their first-person expertise to these sessions."


ASMI - American Sports Medicine Institute

Weekly conference on Monday and Fridays CST. Get 1.0 EBP free per conference attended. If you need a certificate, email Caroline May date of conference attended, speaker, and credit claiming (e.g. CEUs, CME, etc. as it is dual credential)


Children’s Health℠ Andrews Institute Sports Medicine Lecture Series

There are TONS of free courses here that are NATA BOC approved. Access (and CEU credit) for all the previous courses is here. The list is huge!

The most applicable topics are the Andrews Institute Sports Medicine Lecture Series and the Andrews Institute Sports Medicine Leadership Series.

Children’s Health℠ Andrews Institute Sports Medicine Lecture Series is a no cost educational resource dedicated to advancing Sports Medicine. Individuals can directly access innovative and evidence-based content provided by multidisciplinary experts through live audiences and learner- paced lectures. Our mission is to create a comprehensive learning environment that’s both accessible and evolving.

Athletic Trainer Credit: Children’s Health Andrews Institute (BOC AP# P10197) is approved by the Board of Certification, Inc. to provide continuing education to Athletic Trainers. This program is eligible for a maximum of 1 Category A hours/CEUs. Athletic Trainers should claim only those hours actually spent in the educational program.

Accreditation for Andrews Institute Leadership Series

Looking Back at 30+ Years Worth of Leadership Lessons
The Andrews Model: Developing a Sustainable Model for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
Program Building from the Ground Up
How to Achieve Business Goals in an Uncertain Environment

See individual courses in bundle for accreditation details. Up to 5.5 continuing education credits are available for Athletic Trainers, Physicians and Nurses by completing all courses.

Andrews Institute Sports Medicine Lecture Series 

ACL Graft Selection & Rehab Considerations 
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries: Recognition & Surgical Intervention
Early Sport Specialization 
Advanced Interpretation of the Vestibular/Ocular Motor Screen (VOMS) and On-Field Concussion Assessment 
Commonly missed UE injuries in the ER 
What Is Diagnostic Ultrasound? 
The Dancer's Foot 
History of Sports Medicine and Success in Your Careers 
Physical Exam of the Shoulder and Elbow 
Inclusion, The New Leader Competency 
Pediatric Overuse Injuries 
Fueling the Dancer-Athlete Nutrition Strategies to Support Health & Performance 
Cultivating and Utilizing a Diverse Professional Network 
Clinical Applications for Aquatic Therapy 
Scoliosis Evaluation and Treatment 
A Data Driven Approach to Clinical Concussion Care 
Shoulder Problems in the Overhead Athlete and Interval Throwing Programs 
Rehabilitation of Upper Extremity Injuries in Baseball and Return to Throwing Programs 
Athlete and the Environment 
Introduction to Running Analysis 
Mental Health Issues in Adolescent Athletes 
Evaluation and Management of Sports Related Concussion 
Return to Sport: Bridging the Gap Between Rehab, Performance and The Field 
Overuse Injuries in Youth Athletes 
My Evolution in Managing SLAP Lesions over the Past 40 Years 
Elbow Injuries in Throwers 

AT Corner Podcast

Over 10 free CEU episodes

Athletic Training Practice-Based Research Network

Provides free Category A and EBP Category CEUs for certified athletic trainers                 


Children's Hospital Colorado Sports Medicine Center Continuing Education Series

The Children's Hospital Colorado has an entire online continuing education site. Many of the courses are AT applicable. On this page under the enduring courses section lists a lot of the sports and pediatric related courses Children’s Hospital Colorado (BOC AP#: P3765) is approved by the Board of Certification, to provide continuing education to Athletic Trainers. Most programs are eligible for  1 Category A hours/CEUs.

Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE)

Injuries in Gymnastics

Medial Epicondyle Apophysitis and Avulsion Fractures

ACL Injuries (Tibial Eminence Fractures) in Youth Populations: Recognition, Treatment and Rehabilitation Guidelines from the Children's Hospital Colorado Sports Medicine Center Continuing Education Series 

Drug Free Sport International 



"Policy changes within the NCAA often lead to confusion or the sharing of misinformation that may put athletes and collegiate sport programs at risk. Questions regarding new changes or interpretations of current bylaws are often directed to Drug Free Sport International and NCAA member services. This session aims to clarify common questions and new policy changes set forth by the NCAA. Through direct discussion with LaGwyn Durden, Director of the NCAA’s Sport Science Institute, attendees will receive accurate and up-to-date information they can apply to their sports programs right away."

Drug Free Sport International (BOC AP# P8729) is approved by the Board of Certification, Inc. to provide continuing education to Athletic Trainers. This program is eligible for a maximum of 1.5 Category A hours/CEUs.

EBP Central

EBP Central hosts free CEUs. Check their site for current offerings

Houston Methodist Athletic Training Continuing Education

Developing Essential Functional Movement Patterns in Youth Athletes (1.0 CEU)

Use of Macronutrients: How to Prepare Athletes of Different Levels

Use of Neurodynamic Techniques to Enhance Hamstring Recovery (0.5 CEU)

The Importance of Nutrition in Post-Concussion Recovery (0.5 CEU)

Dry Needling for Myofascial Pain Syndrome (1.0 CEU)

Patient Based Outcomes and Assessments in Practice (0.5 CEU)


        Essential Elements of Running (1.0 CEU) 

University of Michigan Concussion Center

The Center holds live continuing education throughout the year that usually has NATA BOC CEUs with it. You can sign up for their newsletter to get alerted when they have them HERE 


Where can I find the Medco free CEUs for athletic trainers? 

MEDCO CEU Articles & Quizzes for BOC Certified Athletic Trainers

Exercise as a Treatment for Depression (0.5 CEUs)

The Effects of Jet Lag and Travel Fatigue on the Athletic Population (1.0 CEUs)

Care of the Critically Injured Football Player: Football Helmet Technology Review (1.0 CEUs)

The Triangles of Critical Care Approach to Sports Medicine Team Emergency Action Planning (1.0 CEUs)

Bacterial Meningitis Concerns in Collegiate Athletics (0.5 CEUs)


How do I use the NATA free CEUs for Athletic Trainers?

NATA Free Online CEU Opportunities

A member benefit that allows the owner to purchase quizzes. All members of NATA, who have renewed their membership in full, are eligible for 10 Free CEU Credits, a $150 value.

How to use Your FREE NATA CEU Credits

Sign in to your Professional Development Center Account

Search "Course Catalog" for desired course(s).

Select the course to purchase and check the "Buy with CEUs" box to apply CEU Credits and continue to Checkout.

CEU Credits will automatically be deducted from your total CEU Credits Available towards your Order.

The course you just purchased will now be found in your "Incomplete Courses" section of your Dashboard page.


The Sports Medicine Broadcast

Upper Extremity Neurological Exam (1.5 Units)

Patient Centered Care (1.5 Units)

Paradigm shift in ACL rehabilitation – Things to think about 


ATVantage Academy (20 free courses (usually 1 unit each))

You can get 20 CEU through ATVantage.




Non-traditional setting ideas


Releve Sports Medicine Journal Club

1-2 monthly live CEU courses usually awarding 1 category A credit

Must attend live for NATA CEU credit


Where can I find the Gatorade Sport Science Institute free CEUs for athletic trainers?

Gatorade Sport Science Institute

There are TONS of free courses through GSSI (over 20 NATA BOC CEUs) that are continually updated.


Best Value In NATA BOC CUEs

While free CEUs can be great and you can get close to the required number, sometimes free CEUs are worth what you pay for them. If you have to complete CEUs, you might as well get the most out of them. 

That’s why I recommend MedBridge as the best place to get high quality (including the sometimes hard to find EBP Category) CEUs for the lowest price. Basically you get unlimited CEUs for $200 (Using MedBridge Promo Code PLISKYATC). And if you get your MedBridge Subscription in 2021, your subscription will cross 2 reporting periods which means that you will essentially get 4 years of CEUs done for $200 (2020-2021 reporting period plus 2022-2023). 

While there are a lot of great courses on MedBridge, we are putting together a list of our favorites depending on your interest area. There are currently 97 hours of BOC-certified EBP and 620 hours of Cat A CEUs.

Here is a sample of what's available:

The Neuroscience of Sprains, Strains, Pain and Sports Performance by Adriaan Louw 

The Athlete’s Hip: Evaluation of Groin Pain by John Snyder

The Athlete’s Hip: Screening & Evaluation of Posterolateral Hip Pain by John Snyder


A full list of NATABOC EBP courses that are included in your Medbridge Subscription can be found HERE. The list of the 600+ hours of athletic training CEU can be found HERE. So basically you get unlimited NATABOC CEUs for $200.

Some states have a live CEU requirement, in that case, MedBridge has live webinars that are included in your $200 subscription

 ***Disclosure: I am a long-time presenter and affiliate for MedBridge. When you sign up using my promo code PLISKY or take one of the courses, I get a payment from MedBridge. I appreciate your support which also helps me continue creating high-quality free content and resources.***


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