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Super proud of Adam Grannan, PT, DPT! As a UE DPT student, he wanted to examine current return to sport testing. Last week at APTA Combined sections meeting, he presented a case study examining physical status at clearance for return to sport after ACL reconstruction.

What did he find on a 16-year-old multi-sport athlete 6 months post-op after 30 visits of PT who was fully cleared for return to sport?

  • FMS composite score 9/21; pain with right inline lunge, and score of 1 deep squat, bilateral hurdle step and left straight leg raise.
  • 14 cm asymmetry on YBT-LQ in the posterolateral direction.
  • Drop Landing jump attempted but terminated due to safety concerns -- severe valgus collapse.
  • TSK-11 score 41/68

Why are we still not performing systematic and rigorous return to sport testing? We have to do better!

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