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MedBridge Coupon Promo Cody PLISKY

MedBridge renewal discount coupon code

medbridge coupon medbridge promo code renewal

What is the best renewal discount coupon code for a MedBridge subscription?

While it seems that most PTs, ATs, OTs, SLPs, and RNs know that the best price on MedBridge is $225 per year for unlimited continuing education if you use a promo or coupon code PLISKY, which gets you $150 off (or over 45% off). Additionally, it is important to know that there is no code that gives a lower rate (all codes are created equal in that respect)

What most people don't know is that you can also renew your MedBridge subscription with the same code to get the same discount. This is substantially cheaper than your standard MedBridge renewal cost.

How do I use a discount code or coupon for renewing my MedBridge Subscription?

If you have let your MedBridge subscription lapse (you have canceled your subscription, removed your credit card) you can sign up again using the promo code PLISKY.  Otherwise, if your subscription automatically renews, it will be at the standard rate. Be sure to use the same email address as your last account.

What is the best price you can get on a MedBridge subscription (i.e. are there coupon codes, promo codes, or discount codes I can use)?

If this is the first time you are signing up for a MedBridge subscription, the best discount you can get is $150 off a standard subscription (which brings the price down to $225).

For a premium subscription, the price is $275 which is also $150 off. If you want the Home Exercise Builder, Patient Education, and Patient Mobile App the premium MedBridge Subscription is for you.


Here are the prices and links for each discipline for MedBridge you would type in the discount code PLISKY

Physical Therapy — Receive $150 off (over 40% savings) using promo code PLISKY at checkout

Occupational Therapy — Receive $150 off using promo code PLISKY at checkout

Athletic Training — Receive 40% off using promo code PLISKY at checkout. NATABOC Category A CEUS

Speech Language Pathologist — Unlimited Access to Hundreds of SLP CEUs — Only $120/year (40% savings)

Students —Get a MedBridge subscription for $100 using promo code PLISKYstudent at checkout —


Is a premium MedBridge subscription worth it?

A premium MedBridge subscription includes Home Exercise Builder, Patient Education, and Patient Mobile App. The home exercise program builder is extensive. I rarely come across a standard exercise that they don't have. I am not a huge fan of the kettlebell Turkish Get Up (not maintaining full shoulder flexion) or the swing (too much knee flexion) but for the most part the exercises are accurate.

Bottom line: If you are working with patients, the home exercise program builder is completely worth it. 


Steps to getting the best price on MedBridge using a promo code

  1. Click on the MedBridge Login Page
  2. Click Save Now Button
  3. Choose Plan (education or premium). Choose education if you only want CEUs, premium if you want the home exercise program builder as well
  4. Under Oder Summary, enter PLISKY in the Promo Code box
  5. Create your MedBridge login and save!

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