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NEW! ACL Reconstruction Guidelines 3.0


We have revamped the ACL reconstruction guidelines and have now released version 3.0! Updates in this version include:

  • Added biomarkers for monitoring progression, clinical decision-making, and exercise programming
  • Increased emphasis on return to sport testing throughout the entire continuum of care
  • Additional exercises and interventions to improve clinical practice
  • Employing a diverse array of strength testing with respect to equipment availability
  • Expanded hop testing in order to better capture deficits/asymmetries
  • Increased focus on strength testing, movement patterns, and risk factors
  • New layout design created for easier viewing

Get the new ACL Reconstruction Guidelines HERE.

Thank you to all the contributors! These guidelines were developed in collaboration by:

Phil Plisky, PT, DSC, ATC, OCS, CSCS, 

Kyle Matsel, PT, PhD, SCS, CSCS,

Rolando J. Rodriguez, PT, DPT, CSCS, 

Tessa Netelbeek, PT, DPT, CSCS,

Ervin Velic, PT, DPT, MS. 

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