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Best MedBridge Courses

Recommended MedBridge Courses for Athletic Trainers and Sports Physical Therapists

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This year is a CEU reporting period for my wife and me as PTs and ATCs. While most of my CEU was taken care of with research publications and presentations, Melody had to primarily complete hers online.

So as she completed her CEU, I had her identify her favorite and most valuable courses. Of course, she said that all of mine were the best :) but beyond that, here are her favorites for this year. If she had a rationale for why she liked it, it is included in quotes below.


Best Courses for Working with Athletes with Back or Neck Pain

Since a lot of athletes and active individuals (e.g. factory workers) have low back pain, it is important that we have a comprehensive understanding of how to manage it according to the latest evidence. Here are the courses I recommend to improve the management of athletes with low back pain. The courses cover content that may not have been emphasized in our entry-level education.

Clinical Reasoning for the Spine-Injured Athlete 

Secrets of Mastering the Athletic Low Back Pain Examination

The Athletic Cervical and Thoracic Spine Exam: A Systematic Approach


Best Courses for Athletic Trainers and Physical Therapists For Performance Training for Athletes

The transition to performance is an essential function of an athletic trainer or physical therapist. Unfortunately, we frequently don’t have the information or the confidence we need in order to do this is in a straightforward, systematic fashion. At least, I didn’t in my first several years of practice.  This course series will give you a roadmap for returning your athletes to the performance demands required of their sport.

Secrets to Engineering Athletic Performance:  From Youth to Professionals

Sports Performance and Injury Prevention

Preparticipation Physical Evaluation:  Musculoskeletal

Maximizing Arm Health and Recovery in Baseball Players

Exploring Popular Questions About Evidence-Based Practice


Best Courses for Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers for Returning an Athlete to Sport

Knowing when an athlete is ready to return to activity can be one of the most challenging decisions as an athletic trainer or physical therapist. Frequently there are competing pressures from the physician, coach, parent, and the athlete themselves. Having a clear, objective approach to returning someone to sport is essential to thriving in the sports environment. This course series will give you the specific tests and passing scores needed to confidently return an athlete to their sport.

Discharge and Return to Sport Part 1:  Know When They Are Ready

Discharge and Return to Sport Part 2:  Lower Body

Discharge and Return to Sport Part 3:  Upper Body

Discharge and Return to Sport:  Case Studies 


How to best rehabilitate ACL reconstructions

Unfortunately, ACL tears continue to increase so being up to date on the latest research and clinical pearls is important as the athletic trainer plays an essential role in the comprehensive care of the athlete after ACL reconstruction. This course series goes through a systematic rehabilitation process that starts in the preoperative phase and goes through to return to sport. 

Return to Full Performance After ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation

ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation:  Beyond the Protocol

Upping Your Game in ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation


Best Shoulder Courses

Lenny Macrina

"You gotta love his accent. Really strong evidenced-based courses with videos of hands-on techniques"

 Biomechanics of the Shoulder*

 The Shoulder: Traumatic and Post Operative Injuries*

 The Shoulder: Overuse Injuries in Athletes*


Mental & Emotional Health for Athletes

Stephen Graef 

"Excellent information to be aware of for mental health. Stephen is a very engaging speaker and so easy to listen to, and he gives very practical advice and information."

 Psychology of Injury

 Common Mental Health Concerns in Athletes  


Courses for Patient/Athlete Communication 


Craig Phifer

“Craig's courses are excellent and should be viewed by every PT and AT. We should all practice this way.”

Enhancing Patient Engagement Throughout the Course of Care*

Building Therapeutic Alliance in the Patient Evaluation*

Understanding Therapeutic Alliance and Patient Expectations



Emergency Management of On Field Injuries 

Katie Whetstone 

"Practical review of emergency management strategies ensuring you are using the latest evidence in those situations... Good case and Q+A with Todd."

Emergency Management of Athletes With Spine and Visceral Injuries*

Emergency Management of Skeletal Injuries*

Emergency Management of Soft-Tissue Injuries*

Emergency Management of Cardiovascular Conditions*

Protective Sports Equipment and Proper Fitting *

Environmental Considerations for the Athlete*


Todd Arnold, MD

"Easy to understand Todd’s lectures. Practical and helpful with excellent information and great reminders for care."

 Infectious Disease for the Sports Therapist*

 Pharmacology in Sport Part 1: NSAIDs and Pain Medications*

 Pharmacology in Sport Part 2: Asthma, Antidepressants, and Skin Infection*

 Concussion in Sport Part 1: Pathophysiology, Recognition, & Management

 Concussion in Sport Part 2: Clinical Evaluation and Return to Play*

 Concussion in Sport: Practical Case Studies*

Are you looking to gain confidence in taking athletes from injury to high level performance? Looking to simplify the process and gain clarity? Wish you had a community to ask questions and bounce ideas off of? Check out the Coaches Club.

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