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Symmio Download Instructions

Welcome to Symmio and congratulations!

You’ve just taken your first step toward being able to live your everyday life without pain or limitations.

This isn’t just another app for people who want to climb mountains and run marathons.

Symmio is for anyone and everyone who wants to improve their overall quality of life, whether that means sitting at a desk, standing on a factory floor, or playing on your kitchen floor with your kids.

Developed by the people who wrote the book on total body wellness through functional movement – Functional Movement Systems

Now, let’s do this!
The Symmio Team

From here, simply:
• Download the Symmio app Symmio IOS  Symmio Google Play
• Create an account under this email address
• Be awesome


Once you’re done creating your profile, make sure to complete your Movement and Lifestyle assessments. After you do, keep checking in on your Today screen for your daily corrective exercises, as well as informative content, and quick tips to help with all aspects of your health and wellbeing.


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