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Toe Touch Progression

straight leg raise pattern toe touch

For the toe touch progression we're going to start with the balls of our feet up on the board with our heels down on the ground. Our feet are going to be completely together and we're going to put a towel roll between our knees. We're going to reach up toward the ceiling, really getting a good stretch out there . . . big deep diaphragmatic or belly breath there and then folding down reaching down toward our toes, squeezing as we start to feel some tension . . . squeezing the knees together, big deep breath there and then reaching up. The most important part of this exercise is actually the breath at the top of the exercise here . . . the big deep breath as we then fold down, squeezing. If you can't reach your toes, you're going to squeeze and bend the knees a little bit . . . just as much as you need to to get down to your toes. In this position we're going to do three repetitions, with a breath at the top and the bottom. Then we're going to go to the heels up position where our toes are going to be on the ground, our feet are together, our heels are up on the board, and we're going to repeat the same process. So we're going to reach up really tall toward the ceiling in the arms nice and straight, big deep belly breath. And then we're going to drop our hands down reaching down towards our toes, squeezing the towel roll together as we go . . . deep breath at the bottom, deep breath at the top. Then we're going to go into the split stance position, so we can set the towel down. One foot's going to be in front of the other, and we're going to make sure our feet are together still. Good, and so the balls of our feet are up on one side and we're going to reach toward the back foot. Good . . . deep breath at the bottom, and then reach up toward the ceiling, nice deep breath. Good . . . bending the knees if we need to. And we're going to repeat this three times on this side, and then we're going to switch feet and repeat it on the opposite side. So we're going to reach up, nice deep breath, and reaching down toward our toes. So three times in each position.

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