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Mountain Ready -- Winter Sports Prep Program

Whether you are planning to ski twice a week for the whole season or you have planned an epic trip, this is where to begin.  By investing about 35-45 minutes, twice a week, you can be more ready for the mountain.  So many people are sore by the third day, they must take some time off or avoid terrain they would prefer to be riding.  With a little work up front, your legs, core and even arms will be ready to withstand what the mountain throws at you.

Return To Sport Checklist
Lower Body

Know when your player is ready to go back

Return to Sport Checklist

Back or neck injury, make confident return to sport decisions

Return to Sport Checklist
Upper Body

This checklist includes the complexities that an upper extremity injury brings including overhead athlete

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Board Specialty Prep

Figuring out which resources to use to prepare for the PT board specialty exam can be a daunting process. With the right study plan and a few key resources, you can ace the test!

There is one thing that you need to know about preparing:  you have to use multiple sources in order to be prepared for the board specialty exam. For example, if you completed a residency program that used much of the material from Evidence in Motion, then I recommend using the MedBridge Specialty Exam Prep Course (they have SCS, OCS, GCS, NCS, PCS).  If your residency is like ours, we use a lot of the prep material from MedBridge, so you can certainly use the MedBridge Study Guides and practice exams.  I recommend using another program as well (e.g. Evidence in Motion; they have OCS, SCS, and GCS) or The SPTS Sports Certified Specialist Examination Preparatory Course (2020).

Why MedBridge?

MedBridge is an educational resource for people in the medical field. MedBridge offers courses for several different medical industries. They maximize the latest research in adult online learning to bring engaging courses that are separated into modules. After each module there are case-based questions to help promote comprehension of the material.

MedBridge Promo Code

Use code "PLISKY" to get 47% off your MedBridge subscription.  If you're a student, you can get up to 76% off!

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