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NATABOC Re-Certification Process Made Simple

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Is the NATABOC recertification process overwhelming ? We have simplified it with this post 

UPDATED 11/20/2021

By Hannah Bernhardt PT, DPT, ATC/L & Phil Plisky, PT, DSc, ATC

Recertification years can be stressful as you try to complete your courses and ensure you have completed all the steps to get recertified. Our goal is to simplify the process and give you ideas for the best value in courses. There are a lot of ways to get your NATA CEUs and the recertification process doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

We have outlined the requirements and steps to make it easy for you. We have compiled a list of free NATA BOC CEUs as well as the best value in CEUs.


How to Complete Your Online CEU Reporting: 

  1. Go to BOC Central Log-In which is found on the top right corner of the main page of the BOC website.
  2. The dashboard will show the requirements.
  3. The CEU reporting form is currently available. Click on Menu --> Enter/Report CE Activity.
  4. Enter the CE activity information

Keep track of Category, # of CEUs, Course Information, and Date of Course on your online reporting form.


Requirements for 2021 Re-Cert: 

  1. 50 CEUs are required per reporting year due 12/31/2021. 
    • 40 CEUs from Categories A,B,C,D with 10 CEUs from EBP
    • ATs certified in 2019 or before must complete 50 CEUs, which must include at least 10 Evidence Based Practice (EBP) CEUs.
    • ATs certified in 2020 must complete 25 CEUs, which must include at least 5 Evidence Based Practice (EBP) CEUs.
  2. Emergency Cardiac Care: Provider must demonstrate skills thus in-person and hybrid courses with a skills component only. Must cover adult, pediatric, and second resuer CPR, airway obstruction and barrier devices 
  3. Payment of BOC Certification Annual Maintenance Fee -- $39 for NATA members, $55 for non-members


Confused about Categories?

Don’t worry because it seems complex, but is not as bad as it seems! 

EBP (Must have 10): EBP is a designation given by the BOC to promote evidence into clinical decision making. 

These programs can include approved courses, post certificate course work from a CAATE approved program, ACCME approved courses, graduate of PhD/EdD/DSc/DAT if dissertation is athletic training related, presenter/author of EBP approved program, CAATE accredited AT residency/fellowship, or author of a peer-reviewed journal article addressing patient-oriented clinical research or translational research. 

Category A (no min; max of 40): These are what you normally think of for continuing education such as conferences, courses, online webinars, etc. 

Category B (no min; max of 33): Professional and Scholarly Activities 

Category C (no min; max of 40): Post-certificate college/university course work; must be within the domains identified in Practice Analysis, 7th Edition

Category D (no min; max of 28): Non-BOC approved providers; Activities by non-BOC approved providers, videos, dvds, multimedia presentations/webinars


BOC has a program directory where you can search for programs and gain further details. 

Still want more information: BOC has a more detailed handbook about CEUs: 


List of Free NATA BOC CEU Courses 

We have not personally completed all of these courses, but they are free

AT Corner Podcast

Over 10 free CEU episodes


Athletic Training Practice-Based Research Network

Provides free Category A and EBP Category CEUs for certified athletic trainers


Children's Health Continuing Education

You need to register. If you search "athletic training", you should see all of the applicable AT CEU. There seem to be some high level CEU. For example, Andrews Sports Medicine Lecture Series: Shoulder and Elbow Injuries in the Throwing Athlete


Children's Hospital Colorado Sports Medicine Center Continuing Education Series

The Children's Hospital Colorado has an entire online continuing education site. Many of the courses are AT applicable. On this page under the enduring courses section lists a lot of the sports and pediatric related courses Children’s Hospital Colorado (BOC AP#: P3765) is approved by the Board of Certification, to provide continuing education to Athletic Trainers. Most programs are eligible for  1 Category A hours/CEUs.

Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE)

Injuries in Gymnastics

Medial Epicondyle Apophysitis and Avulsion Fractures


University of Michigan Concussion Center

The Center holds live continuing education throughout the year that usually has NATA BOC CEUs with it. You can sign up for their newsletter to get alerted when they have them HERE 


MEDCO CEU Articles & Quizzes for BOC Certified Athletic Trainers

Exercise as a Treatment for Depression (0.5 CEUs)

The Effects of Jet Lag and Travel Fatigue on the Athletic Population (1.0 CEUs)

Care of the Critically Injured Football Player: Football Helmet Technology Review (1.0 CEUs)

The Triangles of Critical Care Approach to Sports Medicine Team Emergency Action Planning (1.0 CEUs)

Bacterial Meningitis Concerns in Collegiate Athletics (0.5 CEUs)


The Sports Medicine Broadcast

Upper Extremity Neurological Exam (1.5 Units)

Patient Centered Care (1.5 Units)

Paradigm shift in ACL rehabilitation – Things to think about 


ATVantage Academy (20 free courses (usually 1 unit each))

You can get 20 CEU through ATVantage.




Non-traditional setting ideas


Releve Sports Medicine Journal Club

1-2 monthly live CEU courses usually awarding 1 category A credit

Must attend live for CEU credit


Gatorade Sport Science Institute

There are TONS of free courses through GSSI (nearly 20 CEU).


Best Value In NATA BOC CUEs

While free CEUs can be great and you can get close to the required number, sometimes free CEUs are worth what you pay for them. If you have to complete CEUs, you might as well get the most out of them. 

That’s why I recommend MedBridge as the best place to get high quality (including the sometimes hard to find EBP Category) CEUs for the lowest price. Basically you get unlimited CEUs for $200 (Using MedBridge Promo Code PLISKYATC). And if you get your MedBridge Subscription in 2021, your subscription will cross 2 reporting periods which means that you will essentially get 4 years of CEUs done for $200 (2020-2021 reporting period plus 2022-2023). 

While there are a lot of great courses on MedBridge, we are putting together a list of our favorites depending on your interest area. There are currently 97 hours of BOC-certified EBP and 620 hours of Cat A CEUs.

Here is a sample of what's available:

The Neuroscience of Sprains, Strains, Pain and Sports Performance by Adriaan Louw 

The Athlete’s Hip: Evaluation of Groin Pain by John Snyder

The Athlete’s Hip: Screening & Evaluation of Posterolateral Hip Pain by John Snyder


A full list of NATABOC EBP courses that are included in your Medbridge Subscription can be found HERE. The list of the 600+ hours of athletic training CEU can be found HERE. So basically you get unlimited NATABOC CEUs for $200.

Some states have a live CEU requirement, in that case, MedBridge has live webinars that are included in your $200 subscription


BOC Recertification Checklist 

  • Enter CEUs on BOC Website 
  • Pay fees for both 2020 and 2021
  • Enter CPR Course Certificate
  • Update personal information

If there are other free courses or other helpful information, please email us to let us know and we will add it.

Author Information

Hannah Bernhardt PT, DPT, ATC/L is a physical therapist and athletic trainer and orthopedic resident at Forefront Therapy in Evansville, IN. She is a certified athletic trainer and also holds certifications in SFMA Level 1 and LSVT BIG. As a PT student at the University of Evansville, she was the coordinator and session leader of ACErcise, a probono fitness class for clients with neurological disorders. She has developed an interest in treating chronic conditions and persistent pain through her clinical experiences at the University of Evansville in Athletic Training and Physical Therapy.

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